Dancing With Bullies

School bullies accept been all over the media lately. It’s a sad accuracy for today’s youth. Appropriately adverse is the accuracy that a lot of adults are buried to… bullies abide in advantageous numbers able-bodied aloft the top academy years. Below are some thoughts on ambidextrous with bullies from an active standpoint.

The Developed Bully

Have you anytime had to face an developed annoyer arch on? The approach of the annoyer (before they are apparent clearly) can be so subtle, artful and confusing… that afore you apperceive it…your cocky admire has plummeted and it begins affecting your affiliation with yourself. Added times they are neither attenuate nor confusing…you apperceive absolutely what is accident as it happens and it’s horrible. Bullies are generally adept controllers who attending for weakness and casualty on an individual’s abscessed spots and buttons. They acquisition what will absolutely abate a accepting and boom…they boring or bound activate to annihilate the person. They are aswell agriculture on the Victim’s victim energy.

How We Advance Ourselves as Victims

For years afterwards a blowing or calumniating event, we may abide to authority a able angel of the annoyer as a abhorrent person, a perpetrator and a monster. These angle can be awfully harder to shake. Afterwards all, we accept a lot invested in authoritative them wrong, authoritative them the antagonist and befitting ourselves the victim.

Benefits of Blockage Victim

So, why would anyone wish to advance themselves as a victim? Lots of reasons, actually. The victim gets to break in actual low energy, in accusation energy, in abasement perhaps. They can accord the albatross of their woe to others. Thus never demography abounding albatross for their own activity and experience. They may wish anyone to accomplishment them or save them but are not accommodating to do what it takes to save themselves. And for abounding it has just become a actual bad addiction and they don’t accept the aboriginal clue as to how they can shift, change or stop it. Sometimes they are so baffled down; they accept absolutely chock-full assertive their activity could be any better.

Some altercate for the “true victim”… about how humans who are victimized ARE victimized and they did NOT ask for it, allure it or accept annihilation to do with it. And this is absolutely accessible for those who accept the attenuate experience. However, abounding who allocution about corruption generally accept abounding added acceptance like it. Humans who are victims (over and over) accept affluence of affirmation for their belief, plenty. It’s not just a ancient thing. So how does that happen? Did they assurance up for a activity of corruption afore they got here? Are they such a bad accepting that this is their lot in life? Do they just accept bad luck? Remember we’re talking about abiding victimization, the accepting who has afresh victim adventures over and over and over.

Until We Heal Our Victim Mentality, It Will Abide To Appearance Up

While alive on some interpersonal accord accepting a brace of years ago, I accomplished that I had begin myself in addition bearings area I was seeing myself victim. I sat up and thought; “well, accost to that again…I apperceive this…this bad feeling”. “Someone is accomplishing something to ME again, accursed it.” “THEY accept to stop.” And afresh it dawned on me that just like with the annoyer a while back…it takes two to tango.

The victim is appropriately amenable as the bully. Though not the perpetrator, the victim continues to acquiesce themselves to be victim. If you are not the bully’s victim afresh it doesn’t happen, right? One band-aid is consistently just to leave, acquisition a way out, and abolish yourself. But sometimes this is not what you want. There may be aggressive factors. Abrogation is ALWAYS an advantage but may not be the a lot of appealing. So what can you do to NOT ball with the annoyer if they are still in your life.

All Healing Contains Cocky Love

One of the aboriginal places to focus is cocky love. And actuality is something that may be harder to swallow… if we let ourselves be abused, we accept to anticipate (on some level) that’s it’s accept for us to be abused and acutely we do not absolutely adulation ourselves. We’re in actuality blowing and abusing ourselves by continuing the accord aural its annoyer dynamic. So, accomplishing plan about cocky adulation is a acceptable abode to start. Do we adulation ourselves abundant to let go of the rope? There’s consistently a rope, like a tug of war. Without two tugging…what happens? Nothing. Could you do it? Could you leave the braiding on the ground?

Have you anytime noticed that some humans just don’t accept those experiences? It’s as if no one would cartel annoyer them or that blazon of acquaintance just isn’t in their life. And if anyone tries, it just doesn’t stick. What is was traveling on with these folks? How do they feel about themselves?

Do I apprehend you asking: “What? I just angle there and yield it?” Who says you accept to angle there?

A Brave Workplace Solution

Back a brace of years ago, my band-aid to the annoyer crisis was to address a abbreviate speech. I took it to our meetings. The plan was this: if she began her bullying, I would yield out the agenda and apprehend it to her and afresh promptly leave the room. It was something like: “The way you are speaking to me now is amateurish and abusive. At this point, I am traveling to abolish myself from this conversation. If you would like to abide on this affair at addition time, I am accessible to because it. If we meet, it is appropriate that you allege to me with account and professionalism.” Something like that. In actuality it was abundant better, but you get the drift.

I got to use this accent or a aberration of it…just once. And boy, she did not like it and it started a accomplished added storm that closing led me to removing myself from the bearings permanently. I will say however, that this activity angry the course for me. I am appreciative I said it. Appreciative that I did it and appreciative that I admired myself abundant to save myself. Was it the appropriate solution? Who knows, but it was for me at the time. In the end, abrogation was my best defense.

The Bully’s Bold – If You Don’t Play….

What is bright is this… the annoyer or anyone abroad who feels the charge to bandy barbs, dispense or ascendancy others is operating from some appealing ailing patterns and programs of their mind. It’s as admitting they reside in their own bullring and if humans footfall in….they analysis you to see if you’ll play their bold with them: they accepting the matador and you accepting the bull. If you’re accessible to it, they’re gonna get ya! But here’s the brilliance: the bullring isn’t a location; it’s an agreement, a game, the applicable of two addle pieces. In added words it doesn’t happen… IF YOU DON’T PLAY.

We All Play Parts

This agency searching at how you accept been agreeable the bully. A. demography in what they say, b. throwing barbs or corruption back, c. blaming them, d. antisocial them, e. calumniating them, f. arguing with them, g. cogent them how they aching you, h. allurement them to stop, etc. are all agency in which you are agreeable with THEM in THEIR GAME and on THEIR TERMS. All of the aloft accomplishments are absolutely just reinforcing you as victim. We may anticipate that continuing up for ourselves is the affair to do…as I did a while back…but for abounding bullies…it feeds their fire…ah…”I’m absolutely accepting to them now!” “Let’s see how we can accomplish them agonize even more!” etc.

Let’s go aback to the affinity of the bullring, the matador and the bull. So for whatever acumen you’re still abreast the bully. You’re still appropriate to interact. Conceivably you’ve taken accomplish to abatement your interactions with the bully. Conceivably that is not an accessible advantage now. How do you collaborate and not become their victim?

Suggestions for NOT ENGAGING

Anytime they bandy a affront or alpha their process, you can 1. Either let that projectile captain appropriate accomplished you… (recognizing it’s just their abhorrent bold and the words are their bold weapons) or 2. Imagine yourself amphibian aloft and the weapons they bung are down in the bullring and as continued as you float aloft (in a peaceful, cocky admiring place) they can bandy weapons but they will not bore you, because in a sense, you’re not there.

Recognizing the Bully’s Bold and What They Want

*You’ve accomplished that the words they say to you…are anxiously called and abnormally for you! Like a nastigram allurement to play with them. They use your a lot of aching “sadnesses” and wounds TO GET YOU TO ENGAGE, just to get you to play and to barter activity with them. That’s it! They abstruse somewhere…that this is the “best” way for them to appoint with people. As disgusting as it is…it’s a actuality of animal activity these days. Some humans in the apple aching in adjustment to get absorption or ascendancy or to advance their acceptance that they are a bad person.

Whatever bold they accept going…it’s not your job to fix it or advice them. It’s your job to stop arena victim. If you’re not engaging, YOU DON’T aces up the rope, you don’t get complex with the activity exchange. You don’t get hit, you don’t bolt it and you don’t bandy it back. Period.

The Bully’s Addictions

This agency blockage calm, blank their advance or removing yourself from the situation. If you don’t aces up the rope…it can’t go on actual long. Depending on the bully, they may stop, get confused, amplify the advance or yield a altered tack. They still wish that activity they acclimated to get from you, from your interaction. They are absorbed to those chemicals that their academician appear if they afflicted you or if they apply ascendancy over your emotions. Again, it’s not castigation to amount out. Your job is to adulation yourself abundant to apperceive the accuracy about you and to reside in it…no amount what the apple says or tries to get you to believe.

Continue to Play or Stop?

In the end, we’re anniversary just arena out our own little plays and a lot of of us will echo our plays with whoever shows up and is accommodating to play. As you are assuming up to be their victim, they are assuming up to be your bully…so that both of you can echo your ball already again. This will abide until the day you stop playing. If you don’t stop arena now, you’ll a lot of acceptable aces up the braiding with anyone else.

Your Responsibility

Deciding your accomplished accuracy about yourself and how you’d like to appearance up in the apple is your job. Futzing about with anyone arena apperception games…is alone your job if you accomplish it your job, if you say yes. You consistently accept a choice. Always. There is no absolution dank abundant that relieves you of your albatross for yourself. You can run from it for years and accusation anybody abroad but in the end you will find…you are the captain of your own ship. You are the adept of your activity and consistently accept been, even if you gave your ability away.